Meet E C Scullion and her novel Intruders

Emma Scullion joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 2003. For the past eleven years she has managed to escape Westminster, working in British Embassies in Beijing, Bangkok, Panama City, Montevideo in Uruguay and now Rome.. 

She is a graduate of the Faber Academy and Intruders is her first published novel. She now lives in Rome with her husband and two children.


"There is a safe, in a house, inside a secure compound in South America. Your job is to bring joe the contents of that safe."


Disgraced security consultant Tom Hot accepts a job from a mysterious lawyer, on behalf of a client named Capricorn. 

Holt's team comprises Anil, a safe-cracking ex-con; Ray, a disgruntled logistics man; and Becca, a fiery red-headed thief with as much attitude as she has for picking pockets.

On arrival in the alluring Argentine city of Buenos Aires, Holt's past swiftly catches up with him. As he begins to question the client's motives, he finds there are darker, more sinister characters who show loyalty to his employer. 

Who is Capricorn? What's inside the safe?

Tom Holt is about to discover how far he will go to expose the truth, even if it makes risking everything, including his own life ...


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